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Speciality Lubricants and Cleaners in Coimbatore

Speciality Lubricants and Cleaners in Coimbatore ITW Chemin, a business unit of ITW Inc. (NYSE: ITW), USA, offers a wide array of the products / brands manufactured at the state-of-the-art facility which includes, Met-L-Gard (Rust Preventive Chemicals), Met-L- Cool (Metal Working Fluids), Met-L-Hold (Precision Workholding), Devcon (Metal-filled Epoxies and Urethanes), LPS (Lubricants, Cleaners, Degreasers), EZ (High-performance Industrial Greases), Plexus (Structural Adhesives), Accu-Lube (Micro lubrication Systems), Dykem (Marking Systems, Staining Colours and Steel Blue Layout Liquids), Rustlick 631 (Instant Rust Fighter in Aerosol Can) , EC clean (Contact Cleaner) and Wynn’s (Automotive After Market). We are looking for queries for Industrial Lubricants & Cleaners from Coimbatore up to Salem, Trichy, Madurai, Palakkad and Nilgiris.

Rustlick 631
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Rustlick 631

Rustlick 631 is a multipurpose spray which loosens rust, drives away moisture, does light duty lubrication, protects against corrosion, loosens and  removes dirt and  also acts as an insulator prevents moisture induced short circuits in motors

                                     Product Applications 

Ø  Cleans battery cables

Ø  Displays  moisture from ignition systems and electronics parts 

Ø  Opens jammed wheel and nuts

Ø  Cleans corrosion on engine

Ø  Removes dirt from brake cables

Ø  Lubricates door hinges

Ø  Ball joints can be  effectively lubricated

Ø  Removes moisture, loosens rust from tube and bulb sockets

Ø  Cleans and  restores  smooth operation of  folding furniture

Ø   Keep chains and  sprockets moving smoothly 

EC-CLEAN -  Electro Component Cleaner
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EC-CLEAN - Electro Component Cleaner

Ø  EC Clean is an excellent rapid acting solvent specifically formulated for easier maintenance of electrical and electronics components and equipments.

Ø It enhances efficiency and ensures excellent cleaning. 

                   It has special features and benefits like 

Ø Excellent penetration

Ø Quick drying 

Ø Rapid cleaning

Ø Non-corrosive

Ø Non staining

                    It has been used in various application like

Ø  Electrical equipments like PCB, commutators, motors, coils, relays.

Ø  Telephone CT boxes, magnetic tape heads, TV tuners, switches, circuit breakers.

Ø  Electro mechanical assemblies, fuses, switch gears, testers, and solenoids.

Ø  Terminal blocks, Ignition filters, battery terminals, bus bars and gauges. 


ZINCBRITE - Cold Galvanising Coating
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ZINCBRITE - Cold Galvanising Coating

Ø  ZINCBRITE is a shiny cold galvanizing coating specially designed with zinc and aluminium powder to meet the requirements of hot hip galvanizing parts.
Ø  The coating protects metal  surfaces against rust and corrosion giving a flexible coat with bright shiny finish. 

                   It has special features and benefits like 

Ø  Long term rust protection coating on welded and  drilled surfaces

Ø  Acts as an anti rust primer

Ø  Offers excellent mechanical toughness

Ø  Coating resistant to salt water and  temperature up to 3500

Ø  Easy to apply and  excellent adhesion to metals.

                   It has been used in  various  application like 

Ø  Structural steel 

Ø  Damaged galvanized surfaces 

Ø  Marine installations

Ø  Outdoor furniture and  tools

Ø  Heating and  air conditioning equipments. 



ZINCLICK -  Cold Galvanising Coating
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ZINCLICK - Cold Galvanising Coating

Ø  Zinlick is a specially formulated galvanizing compound for long term corrosion protection with permanent matt film.

Ø  Zinlick with more than 90 % zinc in dry film gives an outstanding corrosion protection of metals exposed to rigorous corrosive environments. 

                   It has special features and benefits like

Ø  Zero corrosion after 1500 hrs salt spray testing

Ø  Offers excellent mechanical toughness

Ø  Non toxic and  no ozone depleting solvents

Ø  Repairs damaged galvanized surfaces

Ø  Dry film resistant to peeling, scratching and flaking 

                  It has been used in  various  application like

Ø  Damaged galvanized surface

Ø  Wrought iron and damaged surface

Ø  Automotive panels and structural steel

Ø  Mechanical equipment

Ø  Heating and air conditioning equipments 

EZ BLUE - Grease in Aerosol
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EZ BLUE - Grease in Aerosol

Ø  EZ-BLUE is technically advanced, high purpose multipurpose grease in aerosol can.

Ø  The special additive package in the product improves anti wear and  extreme pressure properties. 

Ø  EZ-BLUE offers excellent thermal and  water resistant

                     It has special features and benefits like 

Ø  Excellent penetrating ability

Ø  Blue colour facilitates visual inspection 

Ø  Corrosion production and good oxidation stability

Ø  Better shear and rolling stability  

Ø  Contains PTFE which offer superior lubrication

                    It has been used in  various  application like 

Ø   Pumps and electric motors 

Ø   Chains, wheels, mining

Ø   Engineering industry and sliding mechanisms

Ø   Textile industry 

Ø  Cables and  wires 

EZ White
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EZ White

Ø EZ-White is  a high performance white lithium grease . 

 Ø Specially formulated additive package offers excellent anti-wear and  extreme properties in addition to excellent thermal and  water resistance. 

                   It has special features and benefits like 

Ø Water resistant

Ø Excellent weather resistant

Ø Protects from corrosion

Ø Lubricates tools and machines

Ø Excellent anti wear properties.

                  It has been used in  various  application like 

Ø Cables and  wires

Ø Sliding mechanisms and  mining
Ø Lathes and hinges

Ø Marine

Ø Open gears and  chains

CHAINLICK - Chain Lubricants
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CHAINLICK - Chain Lubricants

CHAIN LICK is specially designed to extend the chain life. A adhesive film which does not 

Ø Fling off at high  speeds

Ø Products the chain  from rest

Ø Reduces the wear caused by friction.

                    It has special features and benefits like 

Ø Strong adhesive and water repellent reduces high speed splatters 

Ø Lubricates the motor cycle chains

Ø Products the dust

Ø Oily wet film extends chain life

Ø Reduced wear caused by friction

                   It has been used in various application like


Ø  Cables

Ø  Gears

Ø  Pins

Ø  Rollers

Ø  Conveyors and  drives


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Ø  BRAKLICK is a general purpose degreaser designed to remove oil, grease, brake fluid and other contaminants from all types of  brake assemblies. 

Ø  It is formulated with selected solvents to meet the challenge of removing any contaminant  

                     It has special features and benefits like:

Ø Removes quickly and safely break fluid, grease, oil and other contaminants.

Ø  High penetration ability – brings up and removes oil and grease.

Ø  No ozone depleting solvents

Ø  Fast evaporation – minimizes downtime associated with cleaning

Ø Residue free – prevents harmful accumulation and eliminates rinsing or wiping. 

                      It has been used in  various  application like:

Ø  Mechanical brake linings

Ø  Wedge brakes and  disc brake pads

Ø  Clutches and clutch discs

Ø  Wheel bearings

Ø  Brake disc and brake shoes  
CARBLICK - Automobile Cleaners
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CARBLICK - Automobile Cleaners

Ø  CARBLICK is professionally designed to safely flush away the gum deposits, varnish and oil from air throttle plates, automatic chokes, PCV valves and carburetors.

Ø  It is formulated with selected solvents to meet the challenge of vehicle deposits problem faced by today’s fuel injected engines.

                         It has special features and benefits like 

Ø  Penetrates, loosens and flushes safely the deposits on throttle plates and carburettors 

Ø  Restores fuel economy, Non staining and non corrosive. 

Ø  Does not harm catalytic convertors 

Ø  Burns completely when run through the engine.

Ø  Lubricates throttle body assembly, carburettors, automatic choke linkages and PCV valves. 

                        It has been used in various application like 

Ø  Throttle body assembly

Ø  Automatic chokes

Ø  Linkages

Ø  PCV valves

Ø  Carburettors

Ø  Air intake  systems 
RIVLICK - Red Insulation Varnish
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RIVLICK - Red Insulation Varnish

Ø RIVLICK specifically designed to protect electric and electronics parts and components in fast, flexible and economic way.


Ø RIVILICK with outstanding insulating properties provides tough, flexible and durable protection. 

                  It has special features and benefits like 

Ø Protects seals and insulates against oil, moisture, heat, acids and alkalis

Ø Protects critical equipments from against high voltage leaks and corona

Ø Protects from corrosion

Ø Locks  out moisture and guards against dangerous corona discharge and  high voltage leaks

Ø Finish coat for ‘F’ class thermal resistance.

                  It has been used in various application like 

Ø Electrical and Electronics equipments

Ø Stator windings, diodes and conveyors

Ø Tele components and automotive electrical systems 


Ø Marine engine ignition and wiring systems

Ø Electrical windings and high voltage circuits. 


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Ø  SILIKONLUB is  a dry lubricant formulated to  eliminate rubber squeaks , prevents sticking and  seals out moisture.

Ø  SILIKONLUB with high silicon content is  all purpose versatile lubricant  safe to use on any material in workshop , factory, home or office. 

                  It has special features and benefits like 

Ø  Dry film prevents sticking and  freezing

Ø  Prevents freezing of auto door and  trunk locks

Ø  Excellent mold release  agent

Ø  No ozone  depleting solvents

Ø  Stands temperature up to +3500F and below freezing.

                  It has been used in  various  application like  

Ø  Injection and  compression molding

Ø  Wood and  plastic components 

Ø  Rubber parts, metal and  conveyors 

Ø  Water proof ignition and electrical systems

Ø  Slides, leather, canvas and glass. 



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ENGINLICK is an advanced engine degreaser designed to cut heavy grease. It oil quickly on engines, shop machinery, tool and garage floor.   

                  It has special features and benefits like 

Ø  Emulsifies grease and oil effectively

Ø  For the fuel injected engines

Ø  Restores fuel efficiency

Ø  Promotes heat transfer

Ø  No ozone depleting solvents , Non staining and non corrosive

                  It has been used in  various  application like 

Ø  Automobile engines

Ø  Industrial machinery

Ø  Under carriages

Ø  Marine engines

Ø  Truck engines 
Met-L-Kleen - Aqueous Cleaners

Met-L-Kleen - Aqueous Cleaners

Met-L-Kleen - Aqueous Cleaners ITW Chemin  offers a range of high performance industrial aqueous cleaners like.


  • MET-L-Kleen 503 - a low foaming aqueous cleaner for use on a large range of soils including grease, metal working fluids, industrial oils etc  and can be used in immersion, moderate spray and ultrasonic type cleaning applications
  • MET-L-Kleen 1006 - a high performance aqueous cleaner which can be used in pressure cleaning machines and in immersion, moderate spray and ultrasonic type cleaning applications
  • MET-L-Kleen 1006-N - a high performance neutral cleaner which can be used on coated surfaces in  immersion, moderate spray and ultrasonic type cleaning applications
  • MET-L-Kleen  2006 - a low foaming aqueous cleaner with instantaneous emulsifying to dirt for moderate pressure washing machines
  • MET-L-Kleen 2006-N -  a low foaming alkaline and aqueous cleaner with no sstains on light metals and can be used in high pressure washing machines
  • MET-L-Kleen 6001 - a water miscible solvent based cleaner for tough soils
LPS Speciality Lubricants

LPS Speciality Lubricants

LPS Speciality Lubricants offers wide range of specialty chemicals and other innovative products. It has achieved leadership in the industrial and aviation MRO markets through access to new technologies, capital for research and through decentralized, responsive management. As a result, end-user demand for LPS products has grown. The LPS brand is recognized worldwide in the industrial, aviation, electrical and hardware trade channels as the value-added premium product. We offer an MRO chemical consolidation solution that will improve performance and save time and money for customers. LPS offers eight categories of high performance chemical products: Lubricants/Penetrants, Corrosion Inhibitors, Cleaners, Solvents / Degreasers, Greases, Utility, Hand cleaners, Specialty MRO.

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